Stage linguistico a Londra marzo 2012

01-londra 2011-2012


Nel mese di marzo 2012 le classi 4C Linguistico, 4APNI, 3G e 4G  hanno effettuato un fantastico STAGE LINGUISTICO a Londra.

Ecco la testimonianza di alcuni studenti......



If you're looking for an unforgettable experience in a city that can offer you thousands of

possibilities, educationally and culturally, there's no city in the world that can possibly be better than London.

I had the chance to go on a study-vacation there with my class this year and even though that week went by too fast I really think it was a very useful experience.

It was not the English course, which took place in a different museum every morning,  that was the main reason for improving my English, but rather the time that I spent talking with my host family. They were kind and willing to help me and luckily I had no difficulties whatsoever.

In the afternoon, after the course, we got all back together and walked through the city streets; we tried

to see as many cultural and historical attractions as we could but of course the time was limited and we saw only a little part of what London could offer.

Anyway a month probably wouldn't be enough to enjoy everything that this wonderful city has to offer, so I think kthat this study-vacation was more than satisfying, above all because it gave us the chance to be real Londoners for one week.

Bonfiglioli Linda 4C


Our study vacation in London lasted almost a week, from the 11th to the 17th of March.

At the beginning, I was agitated and frightened, since I didn't know what to expect, but I was enthusiastic too. I actually had already been in London when I was eight years old and last summer too, and I

had literally loved the city. It's different from anything else I have ever seen, since it combines old cathedrals and monuments with particular and super-modern buildings. Some people may not love this, but I do, and I find it the most fascinating feature of London.

When we first arrived at the meeting-point to meet our host families, Linda and I saw an apparently weird woman. She was Indian and was wearing bright and colourful clothes, typical of her original country. Her name was Rashida and she friendly welcomed us.

At first, we were quite sceptical, but when we arrived at our new home we immediately changed our minds. The house was very big and comfortable, and also our room was nice.

Rashida introduced us to her whole family, which consisted of her husband, two sons and daughter. They were all so kind! They continuously spoke with us and they always said "Help yourself!" with a smile on their face, which made us feel as if we were at home.

Rashida was great. One evening, while eating, we had an interesting conversation which really impressed me: she told us that she hosted students not for money reasons, but with her heart. She was totally

upset when we told her some negative episodes concerning other host-families, and she added that students are always host and they have to be treated like that. Some attitudes are just not acceptable.

Another particular feature of our journey was that every morning we had lessons in London's museums. Our teacher was Lisa, a simple and sweet girl, who surely contributed to improve my vacation. She had a

great passion for teaching and this was absolutely clear when she talked to us.

In conclusion, I think that this was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned how to take care of myself without my parents, I visited one of the most important cities in the world and I met great people. Apart from the historical notions and the monuments, which were obviously fabulous and very impressive, I learned above all how to live in a foreign country, with foreign habits and foreign people. And I think that this is the most important thing ever.

Martina 4c


London has always been a dream for me and finally twenty days ago became a reality. It was absolutely

the most interesting experience in my whole life and I learnt a lot of new things about the country, their culture and, of course, the language.

First of all, it was the first time that I had travelled by plane and the feelings I had above the

clouds were amazing, although at the beginning I was a little bit scared.

The most exciting thing was visiting the city I've always loved, with all the buildings  and the atmosphere that only London has. I think it's a magical place. Every place you go gives you the feeling that you are in a different city; the gothic  area of Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace and the Big Ben, the Shakespearian  part with the Globe and its church,and the technological area, like Piccadilly Circus to name a few. Standing on the bridge, between the London Eye and the Big Ben: I was struck by the realization that I was really in London, that it was all true.

The family where I lived that week was nice at first, but then they weren't always so kind and we didn't

talk a lot because we always ate alone. They came from Sri Lanka but we didn't have the opportunity to eat their typical food. They cooked only British food for us or once we had pizza.

Certainly this was a very useful experience because I lived for a week with people I didn't know and I

had to follow their rules, so I had to adapt myself to new conditions. I met new people, I improved my language and I had so much fun that I'm thinking of living there after high school or university. I suppose it could be the right life for me because I love the country and the language and there would be more

possibilities to work there and one day maybe have a family with a British man.

No one never knows their future!

Silvia Fini 4C

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